We are using this method to alert all our customers and potential customer of any kind or related fraud. Al Amari Group only use the domain “www.al-amarigroup.com” and not any other form of domain, we have no affiliation with any external domain outside the domain name mentioned here with.

If you will be contacting any person in the company ensure you check the email address properly while you reach out to them. If for any reason you are not sure please email: [email protected]
And they will quickly verify any dealing with any representee, staff, affiliate of Al Amari Group. 

AL AMARI Group also refutes any claim or website posing to write false information about the Group of companies and would report any of such claims to the applicable Local Authorities. All governing Laws of this terms would be in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All related false websites and detectors website are all fake and false website, AL AMARI GROUP do warn its customers from visiting such website thus refuting such claims without basis. If you would require any further information, please visit our website or call/WhatsApp the number on the “contact us” section of our website.

Thank you,
Scams & Fraud Detection Team
Al Amari Group

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