Sustainability, the future.!

Propose national strategies, policies and regulations to enable the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Kingdom of Bahrain
People and Organisation

Working together in making the planet a better place CSR

Our engagements range from rapid assessments designed to identify the most critical sustainability risks and opportunities, to ongoing multi-year partnerships with our most ambitious and satisfied clients. Services include: Implementation, Reporting and Strategy

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Sustainable Reporting

The leading provider of sustainability reporting services in the Arab region Reporting

Our sustainability reporting includes establishing or building upon a sustainability framework that guides not only sustainability reporting but overall sustainability strategy and management, performance benchmarking for key performance indicators, capacity building and training of an internal sustainability team, and other benefits that go well beyond sustainability reporting.

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Al-Amari Group is contributing to the Middle East’s energy expansion and to its roadmap towards energy transition. Planning

Al-Amari Group have also pledged to work together to reach innovative solutions in favor of the circular economy, abiding by the principles reduce, reuse, and recycle. In January 2021, Al-Amari Group environmental company, Alamari Rewind, and NOGARG signed a memorandum of understanding to identify and promote opportunities for water, soil and landfill management.

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