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    Saudi Arabia to launch voluntary Middle East carbon trading platform

    “This initiative will come to be the primary destination and the main...

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    Bahrain’s aluminium industry is meeting rising international demand

    In December Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) commissioned a major brownfield expansion of its...

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    Turkey-Bahrain cooperation is developing: King Al Khalifa

    Relations between Turkey and Bahrain are at an advanced level and cooperation...

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    Erdoğan the Builder in Northern Cyprus

    Since the election of former “Prime Minis­ter” and national-conservative Ersin Tatar as...

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    The Impact of COVID-19 on Construction Projects | Saudi Arabia | Turkey

    Covid-19 has greatly affected construction projects, not just in Saudi Arabia but...

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    How to Prepare for the IPO Window. Timing Your IPO

    Once a company has decided to go public, it will evaluate the...

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    The $2.2bn financing for water carrier project – a collaborative funding.

    Jordan has announced that it has secured more than $2.2 billion to...

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    Al Amari Group Announces Key Updates and Strategic Developments

    We are excited to share significant updates from Al Amari Group, marking...

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